I am lecturing and directing Intensive Calligraphy Workshops. They are suited for complete beginners, but also for more skilled calligraphers, who want to understand different principles and details of calligraphy writing.

Workshop Events

There are no new workshop events planned for now.

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Workshop registration

Send an email to filipek@dizajndesign.sk with the subject “workshop name + dates”. Include your name, surname, phone and motivation (3 sentences max.). Applicants will be asked to pay the workshop fee. If you would like an invoice, include your invoice details. Applicants will have 3 days to pay for the workshop fee, otherwise they will loose the booking.
*The already paid fee is non refundable (but you can give your place to another person).

Participants will get 15% discount for calligraphy tools at luxusni-pera.cz

Preparing a contact form... Please contact us directly by e-mail filipek@dizajndesign.sk if the contact form does not show up.

Past Workshops


13. 9. 2022Intensive Calligraphy Workshop – Broad Nib / Roman & ItalicLitterra, Revúca
22. 1. 2022Sign Painting Workshop – Broad Brush BasicsMalý Berlín, Trnava


26. 10. 2019Intensive Calligraphy Workshop – Broad Nib / RomanA4, Karpatská 2, Bratislava
23. 11. 2019Intensive Calligraphy Workshop – Broad Nib / ItalicA4, Karpatská 2, Bratislava


17. 11. 2018 Intensive Calligraphy Workshop XV (basic course)Foajé, Bratislava
29. 9. 2018Intensive Calligraphy Workshop – Brush pen IVFoajé, Bratislava
27. 9. 2018Intensive Calligraphy Workshop – broad nibSatelit Design Gallery, Bratislava
22. 9. 2018Informal Calligraphy Workshops at LitrKonvikt, Olomouc, Czech Republic 
28. 4. 2018Intensive Calligraphy Workshop XIV (basic course) Foajé, Bratislava


18. 11. 2017Intensive Calligraphy Workshop – Brush pen IIIFoajé, Bratislava
11. 11. 2017Intensive Calligraphy Workshop XIII (basic course)Foajé, Bratislava
19. 10. 2016Calligraphy workshop at AFAD BratislavaAcademy of fine arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia
20. 5. 2017Intensive Calligraphy Workshop – Brush pen IIFoajé, Bratislava
11. 3. 2017Intensive Calligraphy Workshop XIIFoajé, Bratislava


26. 11. 2016 Intensive Calligraphy Workshop – Brush pen I Foajé, Bratislava
13. 11. 2016Intensive Calligraphy Workshop XIAntwerp, Belgium
19. 10. 2016Intensive Calligraphy Workshop XAcademy of fine arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia
22. 10. 2016Intensive Calligraphy Workshop IXFoajé, Bratislava
​23. 4. 2016Informal Calligraphy Workshops at Dobry TrhJakubovo square, Bratislava
16. 4. 2016Intensive Calligraphy Workshop VIIIFoajé, Bratislava
9. 4. 2016Intensive Calligraphy Workshop VIIFoajé, Bratislava


30. 5. 2015Intensive Calligraphy Workshop VIFoajé, Bratislava
15. 5. 2015Intensive Calligraphy Workshop V (for TUKE students only)Fakulta umení TUKE, Košice, Slovakia
25. 4. 2015Intensive Calligraphy Workshop IVFoajé, Bratislava


8. 11. 2014Intensive Calligraphy Workshop IIIFoajé, Bratislava
31. 10. 2014Intensive Calligraphy Workshop II (for advanced and participants of the Workshop I)Chata pod Hrbom, Slovakia
27. 9. 2014Intensive Calligraphy Workshop IFoajé, Bratislava