Hello Everyone!

My name is Ján Filípek and I am a typeface designer. Since 2009 I run my own typeface design studio DizajnDesign. I studied Visual Communication at Academy of Fine Arts & Design Bratislava and TypeMedia – MA in Type Design at the KABK (Royal Academy of Art in the Hague), Netherlands. Besides font production I creates Logotypes and Letterings for clients. I have been actively teaching Intensive Calligraphy Workshops since 2014.

Fonts (Typefaces)

DizajnDesign is an independent Type Foundry and Graphic Design Studio located in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is focused on creating high quality typefaces with a contemporary attitude to provide useful yet enjoyable options for graphic designers all over the world. Founded in 2007. So far I released 13 typeface families (Deva Ideal, Dezen, Poleno, Komu, Rukou, Anca, Preto Sans, Preto Serif, Preto Semi, Razom Script, Kontrast Grotesk, Nakoso and Skolske). 

Letterings & Custom Works

I work closely clients who need Typography Logos or Letterings. Letterings (Hand-drawn letter sig) and Logotypes are usually made of letters newly designed for it’s purpose or they can be based on existing fonts.
Another area is creating a Custom Type (newly designed typeface) and Type Services (like adding diacritics to your font, adding a new character to your font – like Euro sign, or fixing a non-working font.
Sign Painting & Calligraphy is another area I specialise in – handmade type with human touch, natural irregularities or brush strokes.

Intensive Calligraphy Workshops

I have been teaching Intensive Calligraphy Workshops since 2014. They are suited for complete beginners but also for calligraphers and graphic designers, who wants to understand calligraphy, theory of writing and theory behind making letters.

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