About the family
Preto is an extensive type family, which explores the function of serifs on readability and legibility. Preto consist of three subfamilies: Sans, Semi and Serif. Preto is designed for multilingual typesetting. All of the subfamilies have equal gray value but different texture which can be use to differentiate languages. Preto sub- families have two text weights and two bold styles (Regular --> Bold, Medium --> Black). Every weight has a companion Italic style as well.

Preto Sans
The Sans version of Preto forms the basic skeleton of the family, it is decidedly simpler than the other styles (Semi and Serif). Although you can find many distinctive and unique elements in the details. The most visible elements are the tapered upper part of the letters. The capital letters have uniform widths achieving very different texture than traditional roman proportions. There are two different options for ligatures and alternative characters (J, Q, g, &) gives more variability for different languages.
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